Frequently asked questions

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Can I share a previously published work?

It is not possible, as participation requires the approval of the

creative work owner in person and his acknowledgment of

ownership of the work and immediately remove any work that

contradicts that.

Is there a certain age to participate?

The minimum age for participation is 16 years, provided that
the participant holds a personal card or identity document and
acknowledges ownership of the creative work.

How will I benefit from my participation in the platform?

You benefit from being present in the largest creative virtual
exhibition of different disciplines that allows displaying your
work for free. You also benefit from being in a forum for artists
and creators from the Arab world, including producers,
publishing houses, production companies and others

Can I share more than one work?

You can share up to three works.

Will it still be free to join the platform?

The platform is free in the first period, because it is funded by
the European Union and the Federation of National Cultural
Institutes, after which it will be subscribed and marketed
locally and internationally, and technical, educational and
marketing services will be provided to members through it.

Why should I sign an Acknowledgment of Consent?

Acknowledgment of consent protects your intellectual
property rights to the work, prevents its theft and protects the
platform from any fraud attempt