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iCCI aims to foster and support the creative industries in Egypt and the MENA region. By recognizing that Culture is not just about entertainment or fame but a way of life, iCCI acknowledges the significance of creative pursuits in our everyday existence. Established in 2021, iCCI provides a platform for individuals in the creative industries to showcase their talents, connect with like-minded individuals, and access opportunities for growth and success. Whether you ‘re an artist, musician, writer, designer or any other creative professional, iCCI aims to help you unleash your creativity and transform your passion into a meaningful identity’s and a source of livelihood.
By Joining iCCI, you can benefit from the resources, support, and networking opportunities it offers.
iCCI strives to be a leader in the creative industry, guiding and Empowering individuals on their journey to success. Whether you’re looking for recognition, collaboration, or professional development, iCCI is there to assist you in realizing your creative aspirations. By nurturing the creative community, iCCI seeks to create a vibrant and thriving cultural landscape.
So, if you are passionate about the creative arts and want to turn your creativity into a fulfilling and sustainable career, iCCI invites you to be a part of their community. Together, you can embark on a journey towards success, finding support and opportunities to nurture your creative endeavors and make a meaningful impact in the world of art and culture.

iCulture Creative Industries(ICCI) isone of the fastest growing platforms in the creative scene


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ICCIis an online platform for creators and independent artists to promote their talents.

It'sopen for free to all artists in the MENA region and givesthe opportunity to connect talents with sponsors, producers and art experts.

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  • I was very happy when I found a platform that helps talented youth bring their creativity to light. I used to dream about this a long time ago and try to realize my dream through my personal page and help talented people individually, so one day I started to find something that would help me like that.. The platform will shorten a long road for many people

    Ahmed Chiko

    Creative Copywriter

  • The launch of a platform for creative industries under the name iCulture is a very important event for Egyptian youth to practice creativity and earn money.

    Gamal Elshaer

    The great poet and journalist

  • The problem of every creative person in all fields is that he communicates his creativity or talent to the work maker or producer or those interested in his talent and creativity. The problem of every producer or work maker is to reach the creative and talented people, and this is unfortunately what makes both of them turn to paraphilia and compliments and look for what we know is better than what we do not know, but for now that is over. !! With the launch of the first electronic platform to nurture talented people under the umbrella of the European Union, creative people will reach business owners with ease.