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We are strongly determined to empower creative minds. We believe in Creativity, Connectivity and Collaboration.

Talents from all over the middle east are welcome to join us in our journey to empower and improve the creative industries.

iCulture Creative Industries (ICCI) is one of the fastest growing platforms in the creative scene


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ICCI is an online platform for creators and independent artists to promote their talents.

It's open for free to all artists in the MENA region and gives the opportunity to connect talents with sponsors, producers and art experts.

Meet our instructors

We provide online and physical courses to capacitate our creators.

Our certified instructors are passionate about creative industries and were chosen among practitioners in creative industries field.

  • Mostafa Arram

    A journalist and media writer, he worked as an editor for major Egyptian press institutions, such as "Roz Al-Yosef and Sabah Al-Khair", as well as a number of TV channels such as "Extra News, Al-Nahar and others''. He is also specialised in news editing and voice over, in addition to his work in a number of major publishing houses.

  • Shem El Gaby

    MBA from the Maritime Academy of Science and Technology, and specialized in linking arts and cultures with the mechanisms of local and international markets through the application of effective marketing strategies. She launched her own brand, a production line for traditional costumes, and also worked as a training consultant for a number of educational institutions, Arab and Egyptian NGOs.

  • Sawsn Radwan

    Writer, storyteller, researcher and PhD in curricula and methods of teaching the Arabic language to the talents. She taught many topics in the Arabic language, story writing, and many storytelling workshops at Beit Al-Sinari, Talaat Harb Cultural Center, and Al-Zawiya Al-Hamra Library.She works as

Are you an instructor?

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We would love to integrate instructors from all fields within the creative industries to help deliver their knowledge and expertise to our growing talent.

  • اتبسطت اوي لما لقيت منصة بتساعد الشباب الموهوب يوصل ابداعه للنور؛ كنت باحلم بكده زمان و باحاول احقق حلمي من خلال صفحتي الشخصية و اساعد الموهوبين بشكل فردي عشان يوم ما ابتديت كان نفسي الاقي حاجة تساعدني كده.. المنصة هتختصر طريق طويل علي ناس كتير

    Ahmed Chiko

    Creative Copywriter

  • انطلاق منصة للصناعات الابداعية تحت مسمى اى كلتشر حدث مهم جدا للشباب المصري لكى يمارسوا الابداع ويكسبوا الفلوس

    Gamal El Shaer

    ألشاعر والاعلامى الكبير

  • مشكلة كل مبدع فى كل المجالات انه يوصل ابداعه او موهبته لصانع العمل أو المنتج او المهتمين بموهبته و ابداعه ومشكلة كل منتج او صانع عمل هو الوصول للمبدعين والموهوبين وده للأسف اللى بيخلي الاتنين يتجهوا للشلليه والمجاملات و ندور فى اللى نعرفه احسن من اللى مانعرفوش انما دلوقتى خلاص !! مع بدء انطلاق اول منصه الكترونيه لرعاية الموهوبين تحت مظلة الاتحاد الأوروبي المبدعين هيوصلوا لصناع الأعمال بكل سهوله

    Tamer Farag

    الفنان والسيناريست